Three Face Drug Charges in New Jersey

Drug charges are among the most serious criminal allegations a person can face. In fact, sometimes those found guilty of drug charges end up serving more prison time than those who are convicted of violent crimes. Some New Jersey residents may argue against the fairness of drug laws in America, but the fact remains that drug-related crimes are serious offences and anyone facing such allegations should fight vigorously to reduce charges.

Three men in New Jersey were recently arrested under suspicion of drug charges. All three men now face charges involving the sale of Controlled Dangerous Substances, or CDS. More specifically, the Controlled Dangerous Substance the three men are being accused of distributing is marijuana. One man, 27, was accused of drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Another man, 26, was arrested on outstanding criminal warrants. The third man, 41, faces more serious charges — he was charged with the 4th degree distribution of a Controlled Dangerous Substance.

Drug distribution charges carry the potential for far more serious penalties than drug possession or paraphernalia. Prison time and enormous fines often await those who are found guilty of distributing a controlled dangerous substance. Not only that, those found guilty of drug crimes may find it difficult if not impossible to find employment following their release from prison.

Because of this, those accused of drug crimes often must seek the help of attorneys with expertise in crimes so that they can potentially stave off such penalties. With a successful criminal defense, those accused may be able to get the charges dropped and move on with their lives.

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