Sale Possession and Use of Bath Salts Now a Drug Crime in New Jersey

A certain kind of ‘bath salts’ have been sold in convenience stores and smoke shops for years, but have in the recent past caused serious debate because symptoms of use of the synthetic substance mimic those of methamphetamines and have at times led people to do things they normally would not. Legislators across the country have enacted bans against the salts, and now New Jersey has followed suit.

Governor Chris Christie recently signed a bill called “Pamela’s Law” that makes it illegal to sell, possess or use salts made up of a six specific chemicals. What once was a completely legal practice could now lead to drug charges for many New Jersey residents.

The six substances that make up the now illegal salts are now considered a Schedule 1 Controlled Dangerous Substance.

The law was named after a young, New Jersey college student was murdered. She was on the verge of graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Investigators believe that her boyfriend was under the influence of the salts when he caused her death.

Most people are aware of behaviors that constitute major crimes. They know that if they are caught distributing cocaine or heroin, their actions could lead to criminal drug charges. But when new legislation is enacted that bans what was once a very commonly sold, legal substance, not everyone knows of the consequences that could follow from its use.

Consulting an attorney immediately after you have been arrested, charged or suspect that you could be is one of the smartest things that you can do.

Source: The Daily Targum, “Governor bans bath salts after student’s death,” Amy Rowe, Sept. 2, 2011

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