Get a Strong Defense If Accused of a Drunk Driving Offense

Sometimes a normally law-abiding person has been accused of operating under the influence after an evening out. Sometimes the person honestly did not think he or she was intoxicated, The person may even suspect improprieties occurred during the investigation.

This blog recently noted a case where a man faced multiple criminal charges as a result of an alleged DWI incident. In stories such as this one, it’s usually the police who are quoted in the media. But the defendant also has a story, and the defendant may want to know how to get this to the attention of a judge or jury.

One of the most common and most proper ways of doing this is by using the services of a drunk driving defense lawyer. A good defense lawyer will take a close look at all aspects of the case, including the legality of the traffic stop, the execution of any field sobriety tests and the expected witness testimony. Expert testimony might be called for to rebut the allegations of the prosecution.

While the media often report on drunk driving arrests as though the person has already been found guilty, in fact the prosecution must prove its case in court. If its only evidence to do so is a faulty blood test, or the testimony of an officer who didn’t act properly, the prosecution may not be able to prove its case.

The prosecution will be devoting plenty of time and resources to developing a case against you if you have been accused of a drunk driving offense. You need a defense lawyer who is committed to protecting you and your rights. Attorney James M. Porfido can head up this kind of effort. For more information about our services, check out our drunk driving defense page.

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