Corrections Officer Charged with Smuggling Deadly Opioid into N.J. Prison


A senior corrections officer of Irvington was formally charged this week for his involvement in a prison drug smuggling operation. The officer’s indictment comes following almost a year-long internal investigation into the circulation of the deadly drug fentanyl in Northern State Prison.

Back in December of last year, prison officials discovered some fentanyl and marijuana in marked bags with a distinctive “panda face” logo in an unidentified inmate’s cell. The facility launched an internal investigation and uncovered evidence that suggested the senior corrections officer had been bringing the drugs into the prison for over four months. The officer was suspended from his post when investigators found that he had smuggled multiple doses to a specific inmate who was then distributing the drug-filled panda bags to other inmates. In exchange, the inmate’s girlfriend on the outside gave the senior corrections officer at least $200 in bribes. Investigators found that prisoners were having their outside friends and family wire money to the girlfriend who would then give the drugs to the officer. In light of this information, the officer has been charged with official misconduct, bribery, conspiracy and drug distribution. These serious charges are further complicated by the dangerous nature of fentanyl.

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