Teens in Stolen Dept. Of Treasury Minivan Lead Cops on Wild Chase

Teen arrested

This past Columbus Day, police noticed a state Department of the Treasury minivan suspiciously packed with about six juveniles and decided to follow the vehicle. Upon noticing the police cruiser behind them, the juvenile driver appeared to panic. In an effort to evade police on Bidwell Avenue, the minivan sped up and drove along the sidewalk against the one-way traffic. Unfortunately, the juvenile’s reckless driving resulted in a collision with a Honda. One of the minivan’s doors fell off in the accident, but the panicked juvenile continued to flee. The minivan hit another vehicle, a BMW, blew out the right rear tire, and the car began to smoke.

In an attempt to de-escalate the increasingly dangerous situation, police terminated pursuing the minivan. The cops hoped the teens would safely exit the vehicle. Instead, the minivan continued to drive against oncoming traffic on one-way roads such as New Street and Rutgers Avenue. After nearly hitting a marked police car, the van hit another vehicle on Fowler Avenue and the teens began to flee on foot. Two of the juveniles were apprehended, and police found evidence suggesting that the teens broke into and stole the van. The 16-year-old and 17-year-old that were apprehended were charged with eluding police, resisting arrest, receiving stolen property and possession of burglar tools. They were given a court date and released to their parents.

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