‘Ebola’ Heroin Found During Raid


A New Jersey drug dealer was recently charged with possession of crack cocaine, possession of crack cocaine with the intention to distribute, possession of heroin, and possession of heroin with the intention to distribute. Law enforcement officials found more than 633 wax containers of heroin stamped with the “Ebola” brand name.

Fortunately, the dealer wasn’t passing along illegal drugs containing the deadly Ebola virus. Officials said that the drugs were branded with the “Ebola” name so that customers could ask for it by name. Other dealers have offered drugs labeled “Twin Towers,” “D.O.A.,” “Bin Laden,” “9-1-1,” “POW,” and others.

Frightening and Deadly Drugs

Although the names attached to the drugs should prompt users to think carefully before purchase, heroin and crack cocaine are extremely addictive illegal substances.

The dealer was remanded to custody in Ocean City. Bail was set at $300,000.

Although we don’t know for certain that the dealer couldn’t make bail, $300,000 is a considerable sum for most individuals. A reputable bail bondsman would probably charge 10 to 15 percent of the face amount to make bail.

Perhaps the defendant couldn’t access this much cash or bail bond firms were unwilling to help the defendant make bail.

Unless the accused prefers jail to the comforts of home, he could benefit from a skilled certified New Jersey trial attorney now. He is an example of a defendant who needs a legal advocate fighting for his constitutional rights.

New Jersey Bail Reform

Earlier in 2017, another New Jersey man was arrested with $300,000 in money the police suspected was from illegal drug sales. He was allowed to go free under New Jersey’s bail reform guidelines. The “pretrial risk assessment” algorithm determined that the man wasn’t a potential danger to his community—or a potential flight risk.

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