Burglar Arrested after Fleeing the Scene Covered in Blood


A young man of Newark, age 24, was arrested in late July after he broke into a residential home. During the break-in process, he was cut by objects that he broke on his attempt to enter the building. After breaking the glass and realizing he had cut himself, the Newark man fled the scene.

Police officials responded to the call a little after 3 a.m. After hearing the glass break in their house, the resident living there confronted the robber, who then fled after seeing the person standing there. The object used to break the window is not known.

Officers were at the house minutes after the call and found the intruder in a building close by with deep cuts he was trying to treat himself.

After being arrested, he has been charged with a number of crimes. He has been charged with burglaryweapons chargesstolen property, and criminal mischief. Additionally, he was charged with having a loaded, and also stolen, .25 caliber handgun. This gun was recovered at the scene of the burglary.

The burglar has not yet faced any court sentence and is awaiting more information regarding his trial. He has been in custody for the past 3 days.

New Jersey is home for some of the toughest laws in the country. Charges like these can lead to serious jail time and can leave a permanent stain on someone’s criminal record. If you or someone you know find themselves in this situation, finding an experienced attorney who will do everything they can to help your case is essential.

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