Routine Traffic Stop Leads to 5 Pounds of Marijuana Discovered

Gavel with Drugs

A 33-year-old male in Jersey City, New Jersey, was arrested in late July, with over 5 pounds of marijuana in his car. Alongside the marijuana, police found what appeared to be over $4,000 in proceeds from his selling of the drugs.

Police responded to a suspicious activity call in a neighborhood, and the local Narcotics Task Force was sent to watch him. After following his car for a number of minutes, they watched the man get out of the car with a large bag, and walk into a resident’s house in the area.

A few minutes later, the police witnessed the man exit the house, with the bag still in hand. After following the man for a few more minutes, the car stopped and let a man into it for a few minutes, before exiting and walking away. From here, he turned onto a street without a signal, giving police reason to pull him over.

The police had a drug-sniffing dog with them, and the dog hinted there may be drugs in the car. The man was arrested after finding between 5-25 pounds of marijuana waiting inside the car, within a thousand feet of a school zone.

He was arrested on charges of intent to sell between 5-25 pounds of marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school district and within 500 feet of a local park. With an amount this big, and so close to a school and a park, the sentence could be rather hefty.

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