Teenager Held in Detention after Submachine Gun Found in His Car

Submachine gun

In the middle of July, a teenager who is 17 years old was arrested for having a submachine gun in the back of his car. He was driving with 4 other passengers alongside him.

The teenager was not identified because of his age, but he is currently being held in a detention center. The stop was not random, but rather part of an ongoing narcotics investigation. Police officials were tipped off about the car, as it had been on a popular route for drug and gun trade.

The car was headed towards Pennsville, likely to sell or trade the weapon. The car was stopped on South Broadway by police, around 8:30 p.m. When police pulled the car over, they searched the car and finally made it to the trunk to unveil a Thompson submachine gun.

The police were not expecting to find the gun in the car, and they questioned everyone in the car. All of the passengers made it clear they were not aware of the gun being placed in the trunk. They were asked for their names and contact numbers and were later released.

Currently, the teen is awaiting a court appearance. He has been charged with the possession of a gun for an unlawful reason, having possession of a firearm that has been defaced, and unlawful possession of a submachine gun.

Facing these charges at a young age can certainly harm someone’s future, but facing these charges at any age can be devastating. New Jersey is home to some of the toughest gun laws in the state, so having an experienced attorney who knows what they’re doing is important.

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