What Might the Penalties Be for a First Time DUI in New Jersey

In recent decades, there has been a big push to stamp out drunk driving as a public menace. Most people in Morristown, New Jersey, probably know that there are stiff penalties for those convicted of DUI. A quick review of the possible punishments for driving while intoxicated can help to make it clear in the minds of New Jersey drivers what the ramifications of a DUI conviction could be.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission emphasizes that there are at least five possible punishments at play for those convicted of DUI. One penalty is license suspension. Other penalties include fines, fees and surcharges. In some cases, the court might order the installation of an ignition interlock device. Finally, those convicted of drunk driving may have to perform community service or could even be subject to jail time. Obviously, the more of these penalties a motorist can avoid, the better.

For a motorist’s first DUI conviction in a 10-year period, the penalties that can be assessed depend on the motorist’s blood alcohol content. If the motorist’s BAC is greater than 0.08 percent but less than 0.10 percent, the motorist could face the loss of their license for three months. They also could face a fine ranging between $250 and $400 as well as other fees and surcharges.

If driver’s BAC is 0.10 percent or greater, they could face the loss of their license for a period ranging from seven months to one year. They also could be fined $300 to $500. Regardless of blood alcohol content, a person convicted of DUI for the first time in a 10-year period could also be jailed for up to 30 days. The penalties for a subsequent DUI conviction in a 10-year time frame are steeper.

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