Odd Aggravated Behavior in Morristown Leads to Hospitalization

A man was recently transported from the local police department by ambulance to Morristown Medical Center after he was accused of threatening assault against a gas station attendant and police officers. The man displayed somewhat irrational and aggressive behavior before he passed out on the floor of a police vestibule. It is unclear at this point whether any alcohol or drugs were involved in the incident.

The incident began on Tuesday morning when a 34-year-old man parked his vehicle in front of a Morristown gas station. The man had allegedly parked in restricted location, and when the attendant asked him to move, the attendant said that he walked towards him in a threatening manner. The attendant ran into the office and called the police.

When police responded, they saw the man talking to another person nearby the front door. When the attendant identified him, police approached. The police discussed the incident with the suspect. During the discussion police say he became agitated and started swearing, making threats that he was a blackbelt and knew a number of police.

The incident led to a charge of disorderly conduct but was shortly after released. While in custody, there was a question over possession of the man’s cellphone, which led to another dispute. Police told the man that he could use the phone outside. The man exited the building then walked back and tried to open several different locked windows. He finally found the door, walked into the room, lied down and became unconscious.

Police called an ambulance and he was transported to the hospital. It is unclear at this point whether his irrational behavior was caused by a medical condition or something else.

Source: Morristown Patch, “Cops: Man Threatens Gas Station Attendant, Officers,” John Dunphy, July 10, 2012

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