New Jersey Robbery Begins with the Theft of a Man’s Lunch

Holding gun behind back

Three people were indicted in New Jersey on charges of armed robbery, according to an article at

The chain of events that led to the indictments allegedly began when one of the three, whom police say was carrying a gun, approached a man on the street, grabbed a bag he was carrying, and ran off.

When it became obvious that the bag only contained the man’s lunch, police say, the gunman chased the man into a nearby building and demanded the other bag he was carrying, which contained the man’s wallet and iPad. The gunman then left the building and climbed into a vehicle with two other people, both of whom were also indicted.

According to police, the driver of that vehicle confessed to serving as the getaway driver for the other two whom he would reportedly drop off at various locations in Camden County. All three of the individuals were indicted on charges of first-degree robbery and second-degree conspiracy.

NJ Weapons Charges, Criminal Conspiracy, And Your Rights

While “conspiracy” is a word that conjures up images of spy films and high-stakes dealing for many New Jersey residents, its legal definition in the state is often less exciting, yet capable of making criminal charges much more complex.

A conspiracy occurs when two or more people take a substantial step together toward completing a crime. A person may be charged with conspiracy even if they later back out of the scheme, or even if the planned crime is never completed.

Like conspiracy charges, weapons charges can complicate the situation an accused person faces. Weapons crimes in New Jersey carry severe penalties, even if the weapon is never used. For instance, merely being in possession of an unlawful firearm can result in additional charges – and, if a conviction occurs, can result in additional penalties.

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