“Operation Pitfall” Results in the Arrest of 49 Gang Members

Drugs and handcuffs on a table

The drug trade in Paterson took a major hit as the police say they have arrested 49 suspects known to be affiliated with the Bloods street gang in an apparent sting known as “Operation Pitfall”. It was reported that authorities seized up to 18,000 bags of heroin which is estimated to be worth up to $125,000.

The six month operation was led by the New Jersey State Police, Newark Police, and the state’s parole board with assistance from the U.S. Homeland Security Investigations as well as Bergen and Passaic County and six local law enforcement agencies. In addition to the heroin obtained they also confiscated five bags of cocaine as well as three handguns and a pound of marijuana.

The 4-year-old drug trafficking business known as the 4K Bloods/Korner Boyz had been a major heroin focal point in Paterson centered in-between four street corners on Mercer and Putnam streets including Rosa Parks Boulevard. The town has been known to supply the drug to surrounding suburbs as well as New York, which could have a large part in the over 2000 opioid-related deaths that occurred In New Jersey in 2016 alone.

One of the ring’s alleged leaders was already in custody in state prison when Operation Pitfall was also able take in his 30 year old partner. Authorities also used a search warrant to find and arrest a 27 year old alleged supplier for the drug ring and while doing so they also seized 400 bags of heroin, 20 thousand dollars and a handgun. Most of the others involved in the bust were employees of the drug ring but there were a number of them that were buyers as well.

The Attorney General disclosed this information in a news conference acknowledging the huge accomplishment while still giving a warning. “The toll these drugs have taken on our communities is devastating,” he said. “By taking out a major drug network like this one we’re helping make life safer and more secure for the residents of Paterson.”

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