Arrest Statistics Contradict Marijuana Legalization Efforts in NJ

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Statistics from 2016 show that around 36,000 individuals were arrested on marijuana-related charges in New Jersey. An American Civil Liberties Union report released the following year indicated that black New Jersey citizens are almost three times more likely to be arrested for marijuana-related crimes. These crime statistics are inconsistent with the policies set forth by Governor Phil Murphy who considers marijuana legalization to be a social justice issue.

Arrest Statistics Versus New Policy Initiatives

The Governor has already pledged to legalize this substance in the state, and he has even pushed legislation that would allow marijuana convictions to be expunged in most cases. It’s crucial that the residents of New Jersey understand that the state’s new policy initiatives and legislation that favors legalization efforts are in direct contradiction with federal laws about marijuana. Police revenue is generated through arrests, so there will continue to be arrests as long as there are laws against certain actions. Newly released data shows that New Jersey has the second highest marijuana arrest rate in the nation because of the large number of police officers in the state. The higher the rate of police-citizen interactions leads to a greater number of arrests.

Protect Your Rights with a Criminal Defense Attorney

Marijuana possession is one of the most common drug charges handed out in New Jersey. When you’ve been charged with a marijuana-related crime, nothing is more important than your freedom. The experienced criminal defense attorney James M. Porfido will help protect your rights, reduce your charges where possible and work hard to ensure a favorable outcome in your situation. Reach out to his law office today at (973) 370-9788 to discuss your charges.

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