Assault Charges Filed Against Jersey Shore Star

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Morristown residents, for better or for worse, are likely all too familiar with MTV’s hit show “Jersey Shore”. The so-called reality show chronicled the lives of a group of young people living, partying and getting into trouble here in New Jersey. One of the show’s stars, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, has recently found himself facing assault charges that are all too real.

Reportedly, a dispute involving the paychecks of employees at a tanning parlor owned by the Sorrentino family began earlier this month. Then, an online feud erupted between Sorrentino and his brother, who worked at the parlor. According to the allegations, Sorrentino recently went to the parlor in person to fire his brother. Soon, police were called to respond to a fight at the location.

Sorrentino was arrested at the tanning parlor, and now faces simple assault charges. He was released on $500 bail.

Simple assault, our readers may be wondering, is the opposite of aggravated assault, which our Morristown criminal defense law blog discussed in more detail last month. Simple assault typically means that no weapon was used, no real harm was done and the target was not a police officer. It does not mean, however, that defendants have no long-term consequences to worry about. Any criminal conviction for a violent crime on one’s record can affect one’s job prospects, for example. Jail time is also a possibility, and even the fines can seriously impact a defendant’s economic reality.

An MTV star can probably afford to pay $500 bail without straining his budget, but for many Morristown residents — particularly those with children, mortgage payments and lower income levels — it might not be so easy. A legal professional can help defendants in this situation stand up in court and protect their legal rights.