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East Hanover Criminal Lawyer

Experienced Attorney Helps Clients Fight Criminal Charges and DWI Charges in East Hanover & Hanover, NJ

Anyone who has been charged with a crime in East Hanover or Hanover, New Jersey needs to act quickly to protect their rights. The reality is that the prosecution is already building a strong case against you. In fact, they probably began building their case even before police investigators spoke to you. That’s why you need a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney on your side to help you fight the charges from the outset and hold law enforcement accountable for their actions. Time is of the essence in your Hanover criminal case, so do not delay when it comes to reaching out to a qualified criminal lawyer.

James M. Porfido, Attorney at Law, LLC handles criminal defense in East Hanover, Hanover, and everywhere else in Morris County, New Jersey. Attorney Porfido is prepared to effectively assert your rights and seek a dismissal of your charges.

Experienced Criminal Attorney Represents Clients Facing Traffic Tickets & DWI Charges in East Hanover, NJ

James M. Porfido is an aggressive criminal lawyer who represents clients charged with all kinds of criminal offenses, DWI offenses, and traffic violations in East Hanover, New Jersey. Here are some of the main practice areas that Attorney Porfido handles:

Regardless of the nature of your criminal charges – whether your case is scheduled to be heard in Hanover Township Municipal Court, East Hanover Municipal Court, or Morris County Superior Court – experienced criminal attorney James Porfido can help you.

How Can James M. Porfido Help You?

Experienced Hanover lawyer James M. Porfido understands the NJ criminal justice system and has personal knowledge of the participants – including opposing prosecutors and municipal court judges. This provides clients with a major advantage in their cases as they look to avoid conviction and potentially work out favorable plea agreements in advance of trial. When you hire Attorney Porfido, you can expect immediate assistance and quick responses to any questions you might have about your case.

James Porfido can defend you against felony charges, misdemeanors or disorderly persons offenses, DWI charges, and traffic tickets in Hanover or East Hanover, New Jersey. In fact, as a former Morris County prosecutor, Attorney Porfido understands that NJ prosecutors often have a great deal of wiggle room when it comes to offering plea agreements and alternative sentences that help defendants stay out of jail and avoid felony convictions. The bottom line is that you can count on James M. Porfido to work with all involved parties and fight to resolve the case in your favor.

Contact Experienced East Hanover Criminal Attorney James Porfido Now!

James M. Porfido, Attorney at Law, LLC represents clients charged with crimes, disorderly persons offenses, DWI violations, and traffic tickets in East Hanover and Hanover, New Jersey. Attorney Porfido will act quickly to preserve your legal rights and help you fight the charges against you. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation at the firm’s Morris County office.

About East Hanover and Hanover, NJ

East Hanover is a township on the eastern edge of Morris County, NJ, while Hanover is a township located to the immediate west of East Hanover. East Hanover has a total population of 11,393 people and a geographic area of roughly 8.1 square miles; Hanover has a population of 13,712 people and a geographic area of 10.7 square miles.

East Hanover was formed from parts of Hanover Township in 1928. There are several unincorporated communities in East Hanover: Cooks Bridge, Hanover, Hanover Neck, and Swinefield Bridge. The most prominent unincorporated communities in Hanover Township are Cedar Knolls and Whippany.

Major employers in East Hanover include Mondelez International (which used to be known as Nabisco) and Novartis (a pharmaceutical company). Hanover Township is the location of Bee Meadow Park and Pool, the Morris County Library, the Frelinghuysen Arboretum, and the Whippany Railway Museum. There are not a lot of major roads or highways in East Hanover; by contrast, Interstate 287 (I-287), NJ Route 10, and NJ Route 24 all run through Hanover Township.

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