Banned Spice Pops up in New Jersey Convenience Stores

Convenience stores in New Jersey sell a variety of different items, but as a general rule the items sold at convenient stores are all legal items. A two-month investigation involving several New Jersey convenient stores determined that those at the convenience stores were selling illegal drugs and items related to the banned substances.

The two-month investigation that was conducted by a local New Jersey police department determined the suspected convenience stores were illegally selling a drug that is commonly called Spice or K2, which is a synthetic form of marijuana. In addition to the synthetic marijuana, the investigation also determined the convenience stores were also selling drug paraphernalia.

Following the investigation, the local police department collected what a judge considered a sufficient amount of evidence required to obtain search warrants for the two suspected convenience stores. When the police obtain a search warrant, the search warrant typically describes the location in which the search warrant can be executed and a description of the type of items that are being searched for as part of the search warrant.

During the execution of this search warrant, the police found over 2,500 pieces of drug related paraphernalia and 44 bags that contained synthetic marijuana. Given the amount of drugs and drug-related items found during the execution of the search warrant, the police determined the drugs were intended for sale to individuals.

In addition to the drugs and paraphernalia discovered during the execution of the search warrant, police arrested five individuals in connection with the convenience store drug sales. All five individuals have been taken into police custody and have been charged with drug related offenses.

Source: New Jersey Herald, “Police seize drug items from convenience stores, five arrested,” Jan. 14, 2013

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