Fewer People Driving Drunk Nationwide Local New Jersey Arrests Rates Consistent

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released this past week a study they conducted about data collected in the past five years concerning drunk driving. According to the study, fewer people nationwide are drinking and then getting behind the wheel. In fact, 30 percent less people are choosing to drink and drive.

New Jersey has seen an overall reduction in the number of accidents involving a drunk driver, the nationwide percentage remains at about 24 percent while New Jersey’s rates waiver around the same.

Although drunk driving is down nationwide, some local New Jersey police departments reported that they continue to make nearly the same number of arrests per month for drivers under the suspicion of drunk driving. A Barnegat Township officer even made it clear that they try to arrest every possible suspect for drunk driving. “Our officers go out looking for signs of intoxicated driving,” one officer said, “as opposed to just responding to accidents.”

Local police increase the number of arrests they make related to drunk driving by setting up checkpoints and increasing the number of patrols looking for drunk driving symptoms on the road.

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Source: Barnegat-Ocean Acres Patch, “Drunken Driving Down, But Local Data Says DWI Arrests Consistent,” Graelyn Brashear, Oct. 12, 2011

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