Bank Teller Pays Complete Restitution Avoids Prison Time

Have you ever looked at a pan of brownies and thought to yourself, “I’ll just have one little corner.” You cut off a portion of one piece and it tastes so good. Then you think, “One more little piece can’t hurt,” and you take another corner. Before you know it, those little tiny bites have added up to several large squares.

For many people facing charges of theft for large amounts of money, it started with a dollar here or a dollar there. The temptation is easy to fall into, and before long it is out of control. That is how it started for one former bank teller who was charged with felony theft of $59,800.

The woman had worked at a local bank as a teller in charge of making deposits and withdrawals for customers. The indictment stated that over a period of time, the woman had failed to record some deposits and made small unauthorized withdrawals from six customers’ accounts. Over time, the amounts added up until one couple noticed discrepancies in their accounts.

At the sentencing hearing on July 18, the young woman stood in front of the judge with several of her family members behind her. The young woman’s story was shared about how she struggled with a gambling addiction and serious depression. “In her desperation, she took this money,” said her representative after she paid the full amount of restitution.

The judge reviewed the case and the mitigating factors. Knowing that she had paid the full restitution and had a family that stood behind her, he chose to sentence the young woman to five years of probation in lieu of any prison time.

Source:, “Former bank teller avoids jail for stealing from elderly customers,” Jim O’Hara, July 18, 2012

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