Is Your Local Grocer Violating New Jersey Cabbage Laws

When a discussion begins after the mention of someone who has been charged with a crime, whether through a news report or simple gossip, it’s easy for those in the conversation to judge the person. A common response is “they should have known better.” This response is based on the assumption that criminal charges are black and white, that if it feels wrong, it is probably against the law.

That is certainly not always true. For example, did you know that it is technically illegal for your grocer to sell cabbage on Sundays in New Jersey? Honoring the Sabbath may have been behind this law, but why cabbage? There was most likely a legitimate reason when it was enacted, but society changes and the law isn’t always quick to keep up. If this law seems silly, there are a number of other ones across the nation.

Parents should keep an extra eye out for their children in Alabama, because if they are caught flicking their booger into the wind they could wind up in jail. For those men who aren’t afraid of a little grooming make sure to avoid shaving your chest before going to Montana — you can’t be seen clean shaven without your shirt in that state. And for those of you planning to do something that could violate the law, make sure to notify any potential victims 24 hours in advance in Texas or you might be charged with an extra offense.

These examples may be extreme or seem silly, but there are a lot of situations where the actions could lead to charges that police will enforce. Even when it comes to deadly violence, whether you could find yourself facing criminal charges isn’t always clear. Have you ever heard of the theory of self-defense? When it’s his life or yours, some people may choose the latter and the law provides protection for them.

Source: Policy Mic, “The 50 Stupidest Laws Across America,” Robert Lee, Dec. 11, 2012

No matter how out-of-date or confusing a law might be, our Morristown defense team will work hard to defend against any criminal charge whether state or federal.

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