Man Faces Multiple Offenses Linked to DWI and Resisting Arrest

Facing drunk driving charges in New Jersey and being convicted can result in numerous penalties and long-term problems. With any kind of DWI, the driver needs to understand what he or she is facing and how it can affect their lives. It’s not just the drunk driving incident alone, but other issues that could arise during the commission of the alleged crime that cause problems. If there is a crash, if people are injured, if the driver decides to leave the scene, and if there are other acts when it happens, it can lead to exponential penalties if there is a conviction.

A man was arrested for multiple offenses after a drunk driving crash and leaving the scene. The accident happened at around 10 p.m. when he hit a tree. After he was brought back to the police station, he was said to have resisted arrest by kicking, punching and spitting on the officers. He also damaged property by breaking a printer in the station house. The 26-year-old man now faces numerous charges including failing to take a breath test, failing to stop, failing to maintain lane, leaving the scene of an accident, failing to report an accident, aggravated assault, and other charges.

The aftereffects of a drunk driving conviction are significant and can severely damage a person’s life and standing in the community. There can be financial ramifications with fines, a prison sentence, the inability to get various forms of employment and be admitted to schools, a suspension of driving privileges, and many other penalties. Although drunk driving is a serious issue, that does not mean that a person who is charged should not formulate a strong defense. There are numerous ways to be acquitted. Perhaps the police officers did not initiate the traffic stop or make the arrest according to procedures. It’s possible that the breathalyzer testing device was not calibrated properly. It’s important to know all the rules that law enforcement has to adhere to when there is a drunk driving investigation.

In this case, a man crashed into a tree, left the scene, was arrested, and subsequently committed other acts that have led to multiple offenses being lodged against him. Given what he now faces, his first call should be to a qualified attorney to begin the process of formulating a legal defense.

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