Morris County Driver Who Hit Squad Car Arrested for Drunk Driving

There are some situations that any driver dreads. Getting arrested for drunk driving is likely at the top of the list. But facing a DUI charge as a result of a collision with a police car may even trump that.

One driver in Morris County recently found herself in just this unfortunate situation. She was driving on Route 23 in the early morning hours when, as she explains, she was seized by a fit of sneezing and ran into a patrol car on the shoulder of the highway. The patrol car had pulled over another vehicle and the officer was still inside; he was taken to the hospital complaining of pain in his back and neck.

Another police officer who arrived at the scene of the accident thought he smelled alcohol on the driver. She was given a breath test and allegedly found to have a blood alcohol content level over the legal limit. She now faces multiple charges related to driving while intoxicated.

Drivers charged with DUI and related offenses after an accident need to give serious thought to protecting their futures. Besides fines and jail time, license suspension or revocation is a distinct possibility. Even those who are allowed to drive again may be forced to comply with an ignition interlock device.

Police in Morris County are unlikely to pull any punches when the alleged victim in any kind of incident is one of their own; never mind that defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. A criminal defense professional, however, will have experience standing up to the authorities in a case involving drunk driving charges and will help protect a defendant’s rights in court.

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