Neighbor Complaints Prompt New Jersey Officials to Search Residence

New Jersey police can obtain information about alleged illegal activity from a variety of sources, but a recent drug-related investigation was initiated from resident complaints. Residents in a specific area of New Jersey made enough complaints about drug-related activity that the local police initiated an investigation into the residential area.

The drug investigation, which reportedly took about a month to conduct, included several departments within New Jersey police force. The investigation resulted in a search warrant that allowed the police to search a specific neighborhood residence.

During the execution of the search warrant at the specific residence, the police made 11 arrests and confiscated 60 bags that officials suspected contained the drug cocaine. The 11 arrests included nine individuals who were inside the residence at the time of the execution of the search warrant and the arrest of two individuals outside of the residence. The two individuals arrested outside of the residence were allegedly conducting a drug transaction.

The 60 bags of cocaine were also found both inside and outside of the residence. A total of 46 bags full of cocaine were discovered in the residence, and the additional 14 bags of cocaine were discovered near the residence.

The 11 individuals who were arrested in connection with the execution of the search warrant each face several drug-related charges, including intent to distribute. Drug-related charges can have serious implications on an individual’s life and liberty. Those facing allegations of drug-related charges may benefit from the counsel of an experienced attorney to facilitate the best defense for the accused.

Source:, “Eleven arrested, 60 bags of cocaine seized in Salem City drug raid,” Michael Williams, Dec. 3, 2012

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