New Jersey Engineer Accused of Attempted Theft by Deception

When residents in New Jersey are accused of a crime, the allegations alone could impact their personal and professional life. When an individual is facing criminal charges relating to or arising out of their line of work, this could significantly affect their ability to obtain and maintain a job. Due to this potential consequence, those accused of crimes related to their work should understand their rights and criminal defense options in order to reduce or prevent these and other criminal penalties.

According to the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, a state engineer faces criminal charges after he was suspected of inflating the cost of state-funded roadway repair by more than $700,000. Reports indicated that the suspended senior engineer for Morristown & Erie Railway pleaded guilty to official misconduct in Morris County.

Supposedly, the accused admitted that he and an alleged accomplice inflated the costs of a project. This solicited inflation would result in the accused receiving a payment of $325,000. The alleged accomplice has since been indicted and continues to face criminal charges such as conspiracy, official misconduct, bribery, attempted theft by deception as well as false contract payment claims. He is currently scheduled to go to trial this spring for these 2011 charges.

While these charges were applied several years ago, the defendant could endure serious penalties. Investigation is an essential step when devising a defense plan, and the accused accomplice could use documents and other evidence to help reduce or dismiss some or all of the charges against him.

The criminal defense process could be a lengthy and emotional process. The life of a defendant and the life of their loved ones could be greatly impacted by the charges, especially their personal and professional reputations. In order to ensure they take appropriate steps and their rights and interests are preserved and protected, defendants should become knowledgeable about their options.

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