New Jersey Police Claim Couple Pick Pocketed Together

Couples tend to have many things in common and share common interests between one another. A common activity for couples to engage in is going to mall. Going to the mall usually involves shopping, walking around and eating. A couple has given the idea of shared interest a different spin — by allegedly pick-pocketing together at malls in New Jersey.

The couple was outside a New Jersey mall restaurant when the local police noticed the couple. The police report indicated the couple raised police suspicion due to odd behavior while outside the restaurant. The local police approached the couple at around 8:30 p.m., but when the police approached the female she fled when faced with possible arrest for charges related to stealing while at the mall.

When police caught up to the woman, they found her in possession of several alleged pick-pocketing gains. The woman was in possession of $5,000 of tangible assets, eight credit cards and 20 gift cards. Following the discovery, police were able to connect the 25-year-old woman and her 39-year-old boyfriend together, alleging that they had both participated in the theft.

The couple faces 79 criminal charges as a result of their arrest. Some of the criminal charges include theft, fraud, fencing and possessing stolen property. In relation to charges such as this one, few people realize that they can be charged for each instance of theft and not just the incident as a whole.

Source: North Jersey, “Couple arrested on credit card, stolen property charges in Clifton,” Hannan Adely, Sept. 28, 2012

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