New Jersey Teacher Accused of Sexual Relationship with a Student

The Labor Day holiday is over, which usually indicates school is back in session. Parents and students have a variety of concerns, issues and questions regarding what will happen while the student is at school. Many parents even pay private tuition or make arraignments for their child to attend a particular school to ensure their child is taught by the best teachers.

Unfortunately, this New Jersey school year has given an entirely new twist on the term “Teacher of the Year.” A previous recipient of the “Teacher of the Year” award has been charged with sexual assault on a minor student.

The allegations against the 33-year-old New Jersey high school teacher relate to her behavior with a 15-year-old student. The allegations state the teacher was having a potential sexual relationship with the minor student. The teacher was arrested by local police for alleged sexual abuse.

The allegations have caused mixed reactions within the community. Many students viewed the now arrested teacher as a role model, who was caring and concerned about her students. Opposing viewpoints included statements that the former teacher was flirtatious and often inappropriate with her students. One statement made in regard to the former teacher’s potentially inappropriate behavior stated the subject of the former teacher having sex with students had become a long-standing rumor or joke within the school.

Sex crimes can carry a stigma, even if the accused is acquitted of all related charges. An experienced attorney can provide the aggressive defense that may be required for someone facing these types of criminal charges.

Source: The Huffington Post, “New Jersey ‘Teacher Of The Year’ Arrested For Sexual Assault; Erica DePalo ‘Eccentric,’ Student Says,” Steven Hoffer, Sept. 5, 2012

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