New Jersey Teenager Could Face Prison until Age 60 for Robbery

Criminal actions can have serious consequences and many of the consequences can have a lasting impact on the convicted person’s life. The recent actions of a 19-year-old male may create life changing consequences. The New Jersey resident has been charged with his fourth criminal act and faces a prison sentence of 40 years. That means the 19-year-old’s recent robbery charges could put him in prison until he is about 60.

Prior to the current arrest for armed robbery, the 19-year-old had already been convicted of unrelated offenses. The 19-year-old had a minor charge that was disclosed and three criminal convictions since he turned 18-years-old. The recent armed robbery offense stems from an incident where the 19-year-old allegedly brandished a weapon in a confrontation with another person. The teen has previous charges for firearm possession and resisting arrest. The most current arrest occurred while the teen was already in custody for a different armed robbery charge that is currently pending.

A robbery charge is a serious criminal charge. Armed robbery is a type of theft that includes the threat of force by the aggressor. The 19-year-old currently faces two armed robbery charges that remain pending. Each of the charges has a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, which could create a 40-year prison sentence. An experienced criminal defense attorney can investigate the charges by reviewing evidence and the state of mind of the victim to establish a defense against the robbery charges.

Defending against charges whether minor or on a felony level is important. Some people think that a single misdemeanor or other minor charge won’t affect their future, but it could have an effect in later cases.

Source:, “One arrest leads to another for 19-year-old Jersey City man facing 40 years in prison,” Michelangelo Conte, May 22, 2012

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