New Jersey Weapons Crime Led To Extradition Of Suspect

An incident that happened in New Jersey led to the arrest and extradition of a man wanted for weapons charges. The accused was arrested in New Jersey, held under a bond of $250,000, and extradited to Louisiana.

The crime involving a weapon happened on Christmas Eve on Interstate 10 in New Jersey. The incident began when the accused was traveling on the interstate and allegedly began to shoot a gun at another car.

The accused was allegedly shooting at another car from the window of his car while traveling on Interstate 10. The car the accused shot at contained two women from Hammond. The two women passed a different vehicle and noticed it was swerving. As the women passed the swerving car, they heard a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot and then noticed the rear window of their car was shattered.

The women then pulled over to the shoulder of the interstate. As they were on the shoulder, the accused also stopped his car on the shoulder of the interstate. The accused pulled his car in front of the women, go out of his car and walked toward the women.

The accused apologized to the women and said “sorry, wrong car.” After this statement, the accused returned to his car and drove away. The local police report states the accused shot at the vehicle with the two women while he was trying to shoot at a different vehicle

Later, local police traced the license plate and one of the victims of the incident identified the accused through a photographic lineup.

Source: The Times-Picayune, “LaPlace man extradited from New Jersey after Kenner drive-by shooting,” Mary Sparacello, Feb. 13, 2012

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