Robbery Police Dog Death and Drug Charges Pending for NJ Man

A New Jersey man’s alleged robbery of a local restaurant became increasingly complicated during the execution of the accused crime. Events during the robbery incident created an additional criminal charge for the man who also faces pending drug charges. When an individual incurs several criminal charges, the implication for the potential penalties can significantly increase for the individual.

The 22-year-old New Jersey man had allegedly robbed a local restaurant. While the man was fleeing the robbery location, he began to be chased by a police dog. It was reported that the police dog grabbed onto the man’s arm and the man began to punch the dog in an attempt to release the dog’s bite. Although the police dog initially lost its grip, it bit the man again and the man started swinging his arm. During the struggle, the man and the police dog were hit by a car. The police dog died as a result of the car collision. The man now faces criminal charges for the death of the police dog.

In addition to potential criminal charges for robbery and the death of the police dog, the man also faces criminal charges for controlled dangerous substance possession and drug distribution charges. The drug charges stem from the man engaging in a drug sale to an undercover police officer.

The man was released on a $150,000 bail. Since the charges are still pending, the potential penalties have not been released. Although the potential penalties have not been released, the death of the police dog can carry a minimum mandatory sentence of a five-year term.

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