What Does a Drunk Driving Case Look Like

Most New Jersey residents are likely aware of the fact that drunk driving cases all share the commonality of involving alcohol and driving. However, beyond these two factors, many cases are quite different in many other ways. For some people, it can be helpful to be aware of these differences, as they may become important when devising a legal defense or anticipating the possible outcomes of a drunk driving case.

The following example is a common way in which a drunk driving cases can play out. The example involves a fictional woman. The woman was out celebrating with her coworkers the night she was charged. Part of her celebration involved the moderate consumption of alcohol. She left her coworker’s party after consuming two beers and while she was driving home, she reached down into the crevice of her seat to retrieve a dropped cell phone. The distraction resulted in her hitting a light post at low speeds.

While standing outside her vehicle to inspect the damage, a police officer showed up. The officer suspected alcohol use was involved, and subjects the woman to field sobriety tests. Even though she only had two beers, she performs poorly and is given a breathalyzer test, which results in her blowing .01 over the .08 BAC limit.

After being released from jail on a $1,000 bail, the woman now had to defend herself in court. The woman decided to hire a defense attorney. With the defense attorney’s help, she decided to plead no contest and was able to have the charge reduced to just reckless driving. She was able to do community service to work off the charge and avoided having a DUI on her record.

Defense attorneys can help those who face DUI charges avoid the serious penalties that come with a guilty sentence. A strong defense strategy can make all the difference.

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