Arrests Continue in Long Term FBI Drug Investigation

During the month of November both local New Jersey law enforcement and FBI agents concluded an investigation into a drug trafficking operation in several New Jersey areas. A primary aspect of the drug trafficking operation investigation focused on a specific organization that is allegedly connected to the import of cocaine and heroin into the New Jersey area and other areas in the United States.

Although the actual drug trafficking operation investigation occurred over the past year and concluded in November, local New Jersey police and FBI agents have continued to make arrests of individuals allegedly connected to the specific organization. Most recently, a New Jersey man was arrested for suspected connections to the specific drug trafficking organization. The arrest of the New Jersey man is in addition to the 15 previously arrested individuals allegedly connected to the group.

Related police reports indicate the specific organization has been allegedly bringing cocaine and heroin into designated areas in the United States. As a method of transportation for the drugs, the organization allegedly used the U.S. mail system. The drugs were allegedly shipped through the U.S. mail system by concealing the drugs in toys or candles.

The man who was most recently arrested is a 33-year-old New Jersey resident. The man has been formally charged with one count related to drug trafficking. The actual criminal charge the man faces is conspiracy to distribute controlled dangerous substances. The man’s criminal charges are still pending and no further information has been provided regarding the current status of the criminal charges.

Source:, “Allentown man arrested for role in massive drug ring, FBI says,” Dec. 26, 2012

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