Was Dunkin Donuts Burglary an Inside Job Co Workers Think So

Employees, by the nature of their employment, can quickly become aware of the property layout of their workplace and also the general employment procedures. A common and important procedure for many places of employment is how the employer handles cash deposits. A Dunkin Donuts employee has been accused of using his employment insider knowledge to commit the burglary of a New Jersey store.

The burglary incident reportedly began when what is suspected to be a 20-year-old male Dunkin Donuts employee called the store at approximately 2 a.m. During the telephone conversation, the employee in question allegedly posed as the location’s owner and stated someone would be arriving to pick up the cash drawer and requested the employees still there leave the back door open when they left.

A short time after the telephone call, a man entered the Dunkin Donuts wearing all black and a mask. It was unclear how the man entered the facility, but his presence was immediately noticed by employees who began to question his presence in the facility. The employees immediately called local police to report the incident and the man allegedly took cash from the Dunkin Donut facility.

When the local police arrived at the Dunkin Donuts facility, the suspected man was gone. The employees identified the 20-year-old suspect through his voice and his walk. The police obtained an arrest warrant for the suspected man and he was later arrested without incident. During the arrest, the police also confiscated two cash drawers that totaled $813.00. The man is currently being held on $5,000 bail.

Source: The Progress, “Ex-employee arrested for Dunkin Donuts burglary,” Jan.13, 2013

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